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Teaching as a Way to Learn involves educators and school stakeholders. The community use Moodle for Teachers (M4T learning management system (LMS) for its learning and teaching platform. The platform is free for anyone who wishes to offer or take free professional development courses. The courses are licensed under Creative Commons. So anyone can use, modify, or share the content as long as they give credit for the content. 

M4T was formed in 2006 for life long-learners and educators who wished to integrate technology into face-to-face, blended, and fully online programs. The Moodle platform hosts free online courses, MOOCs, conferences, and webinars on how to teach and learn online using Moodle and other platforms. M4T also provides free professional development sessions from Electronic Village Online. 

This group was created to provide a place for educators to share their teaching and learning experiences, best practices, and challenges faced in the classroom and at their work places. In addition, the group will support the participants of the professional development courses, conferences, webinars, and MOOCs, and cater to the needs of educators worldwide.

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